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 Project Catalog

Donate to a community-based project

Projects on address priority issues identified by local Iraqi communities. Through USAID’s Community Action Program (CAP), five international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are helping to create community associations that identify and prioritize local needs, and develop projects in response. Community associations also contribute 25% of the project costs. More than 3,500 projects already have been completed; what you see on this site represents a subset of CAP projects that will benefit from donations.

Learn more about CAP and how projects were selected.

Improve Medical Services

This project will improve services for leukemia and thalassemia patients at a recently renovated medical clinic. Learn more

Location: Iraq | Theme: Health | Need: $1,000

Iraq Country Fund

The Iraq Country Fund will be allocated to USAID projects according to need and funding. It is a terrific option for those donors who want their support to be broad based. Learn more

Location: Iraq | Theme: Econ Development | Need: $15,000

Assistance for Iraqi Elementary and High Schools Help provide Iraqi school children with desks, blackboards, and supplies. Learn more

Location: Iraq | Theme: Education | Need: $10,000

Assisting Iraqis With Disabilities

An extensive awareness campaign across the country targeting both people with disabilities and the general public in order to improve understanding and promote inclusion of people with disabilities. Learn more

Location: Iraq | Theme: Human Rights | Need: $2,000

Assistance for Internally Displaced Families

After being displaced by the former regime, two hundred families are transitioning back into Iraqi society. Learn more

Location: Iraq | Theme: Education | Need: $8,500

Provide Water Pumps to Iraqi Farmers

Iraqi farmers depend on irrigation networks to supply water to their farms. Learn more

Location: Iraq | Theme: Econ Development | Need: $8,000

Provide Equipment for Business Centers

Provide computers and teaching aids for regional business improvement centers in Iraq. Learn more

Location: Iraq | Theme: Econ Development | Need: $10,000

Improve Wheelchair Access to Government Buildings

The majority of government offices are not accessible by people with disabilities. Accessible government offices are critical for ensuring all Iraqis are able to fully participate in democracy. Learn more

Location: Iraq | Theme: Democracy | Need: $10,000